Monday, March 2, 2015

Himmel Craftbeer and Meat: Japanese Craft Beer Bar in the Heart of Imaike!!

    The Imaike area of Nagoya has been rebounding lately in terms of its nightlife.  Years ago, Imaike was area that known for going out to different restaurants and drinking establishments.  However, times were not good for Imaike.  Many people started going to the flashier and newer hotspots that were popping in Sakae.  However in the recent years, there has been a resurgence of bars and restaurants in the Imaike area.

    Imaike is well known for Misen, the restaurant that started making the Nagoya favorite Taiwan ramen.  Also, there has always been a number of long time establishments in this area.  Recently though, there have a been number of newer establishments opening in this area of town.  Chicken Boy, the yakitori craft beer restaurant, opened a few years ago.  Also, Imaike Baru, a stylish Belgian beer bar, was started up about two years ago.  Plus, the Daiei got a much needed makeover recently.  In addition to these places, Himmel, a restaurant that specializes in craft beer and meat opened its doors.

     Himmel is a stylish modern craft beer bar that specializes in serving Japanese craft beers.  You can find a number of different of craft beer brands ranging from Swan Lake to Baird Beers to Nagoya's Y Market Brewing being served here.  Their beer menu changes on a regular basis.  I have a different number of craft beers of here and was quite impressed.

     The food program at Himmel served a range of number of dishes.  The portions tend to be on the smaller side.  All of their food seems to match well with the beer that they serve.  Some of their prices on their food are somewhat high considering the size of the dish.  Himmel is a good place to go for a small snack and a beer or an after dinner place.

      One of the highlights of Himmel is the design of the restaurant.  This restaurant is bright and modern.  The menus are written on huge chalkboards that are affixed to the walls.  The bar has a sleek wooden design with an interesting green leafy curtain.  Himmel is a very inviting place that has a nice Western feel to it.

      If you are in the Imaike area of Nagoya and are looking for a new place to drink, check out Himmel for some nice Japanese craft beers. 

     The Craft Beer Menu at Himmel

    The Food Menu at Himmel!

    The stylish bar at Himmel

Restaurant Name:  Himmel (ヒンメル)
Address:  Nagoya-shi Chikusa-ku Imaike 5-9-5
Access:  One minute from the Imaike Subway Station Exit. 7
Phone Number: 052-735-3370
Business Hours: 5:00pm to 11:00pm Monday to Friday
                         3:00pm to 11:00pm   Sat., Sun., and Holidays
                         Closed on Thursdays

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